SNOSTUFF Flared Windshields

SNOSTUFF Flared Windshields

The Sno-Stuff Flared Windshield will give your machine that custom look with a tight, hassle-free and secure fit. Guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of defects in material and workmanship and made to withstand sub-zero conditions.

Graphics windshields have silk-screened graphics that fade out as they go up the windshield for a go-fast look

All windshields are clearly labeled and shrink-wrapped so that you receive a clean, unmarked, high-quality windshields

Please verify that your windshields are correct before removing the plastic shrink-wrapping

Windshields are not returnable after protective covering is removed

Made in USA.
FLARRED WINDSHIELDS 479-214-03 $121.96
FLARRED WINDSHIELDS 479-213-03 $121.96