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LS49-B13.04Spring Guide
LS49-B13.01Shock Absorber
LS49-B12.20Frame - Front Bracket
LS49-B12.18Right Rear Footrest
LS49-B12.19Engine Mounting Bracket
LS49-B12.17Helmet Hook
LS49-B12.15Bolt M6 x 16
LS49-B12.14Side Stand
LS49-B12.13Side Stand Bolt
LS49-B12.12Side Stand Return Spring
LS49-B12.11Center Stand Return Spring
LS49-B12.10Main Stand
LS49-B12.04Left Rear Footrest
LS49-B11.12Rear Brake Camshaft Arm
LS49-B11.11Nut M14 x 1.5
LS49-B11.09Bolt M6 x 35
LS49-B11.08Rear Brake Camshaft
LS49-B11.06Wear Indicator
LS49-B11.07Nut M6
LS49-B11.05Return Spring
LS49-B11.03Rear Brake Shoe (Set of 2)
LS49-B11.04Brake Shoe Spring
LS49-B11.02YLWRear Wheel - Gold
LS49-B11.02REDRear Wheel - Red
LS49-B11.02WHTRear Wheel Rim - White
LS49-B11.02BLURear Wheel - Blue
LS49-B11.02BLKRear Wheel Rim - Black
LS49-B10.03Special Screw - Rear Luggage R
LS49-B10.02Decorative Cover
LS49-B10.01Rear Luggage Rack
LS49-B09.14Battery Case Lid
LS49-B09.13Battery Case
LS49-B09.08BMolded Seat (2 person)
LS49-B09.08COriginal Seat (1 person)
LS49-B09.08ABanana Style Seat (2 person)
LS49-B09.06Seat Hinge
LS49-B09.05Nut M6
LS49-B09.04Spring Washer 6mm
LS49-B09.03Seat Mounting Bolt 6x65mm
LS49-B09.02Gasket - Seat Compartment
LS49-B09.01Seat Compartment
LS49-B08.30Hose (Connecting Petcock with
LS49-B08.26BFuel Tank, Metal
LS49-B08.26AFuel Tank Strap
LS49-B08.26Fuel Tank (Plastic)
LS49-B08.15AFuel Level Sensor
LS49-B08.15Fuel Level Sending Unit
LS49-B08.06APetcock Assy
LS49-B08.03Fuel Tank Cap, Seal
LS49-B08.02Fuel Tank Cap, Plastic Cushion
LS49-B08.01Fuel Tank Cap
LS49-B08.01AFuel Tank Cap
LS49-B07.22Hose, 145 mm
LS49-B07.21Hose, 275 mm
LS49-B07.19Plate, One Way Valve
LS49-B07.18Screw 6 x 12mm
LS49-B07.10Air Filter Element
LS49-B07.07Washer 5mm
LS49-B07.06Washer Spring 5mm
LS49-B07.01Air Cleaner Assy.
LS49-B06.07Exhaust Pipe Bushing
LS49-B06.08Heat Shield
LS49-B06.03Screw M6 x 12
LS49-B06.01REDSport Muffler - Red
LS49-B06.01BLUSport Muffler - Blue
LS49-B04.18AFront Brake Switch
LS49-B04.18Front Brake Switch
LS49-B04.17Master Cyl. Weather Strip
LS49-B04.12Brake Disc/Rotor
LS49-B04.15Disc Brake Pads (set of 2)
LS49-B04.11Bolt M8 x 20
LS49-B04.10Bolt M8 x 14
LS49-B04.09Front Brake Caliper
LS49-B04.06Mounting Seat Lever
LS49-B04.08Brake Hose Assy
LS49-B04.05Front Brake Master Cylinder
LS49-B04.04Brake Lever Nut
LS49-B04.03Brake Lever Mounting Bolt
LS49-B04.02Right Brake Lever (Front Brake
LS49-B04.01Front Brake Assembly
ML125-B08.06CHRRight Side Panel - Charcoal
ML125-B08.05YLWLeft Side Panel - Yellow
ML125-B08.05PRLLeft Side Panel - Pearl
ML125-B08.05CHRLeft Side Panel - Charcoal
ML125-B08.04Belly Pan
ML125-B07.19Push Nut
ML125-B07.18RRight Fender Pad w/Milano Deca
ML125-B07.18LLeft Fender Pad w/Milano decal
ML125-B07.14YLWFront Access Cover - Yellow
ML125-B07.14PRLFront Access Cover - Pearl
ML125-B07.14CHRFront Access Cover - Charcoal
ML125-B07.13YLWFront Cover, Yellow
ML125-B07.13PRLFront Cover, Pearl
ML125-B07.12Gas Fill
ML125-B07.13CHRFront Cover, Charcoal
ML125-B07.08YLWRear Center Fender, Yellow
ML125-B07.08CHRRear Center Fender, Charcoal
ML125-B07.08PRLRear Center Fender, Pearl
ML125-B07.07Rear Right Turn Signal - CMSI/
ML125-B07.06Rear Left Turn Signal - CMSI/D
ML125-B07.05ATaillight Assy - DOT
ML125-B07.05Taillight Assy. - CMSI
ML125-B07.04YLWRear Right Fender, Body Panel
ML125-B07.04PRLRear Right Fender, Body Panel
ML125-B07.04CHRRear Right Fender, Body Panel
ML125-B07.03YLWRear Left Fender, Body Panel Y
ML125-B07.03PRLRear Left Body Panel Pearl
ML125-B07.03CHRRear Left Fender, Body Panel C
ML125-B07.01ABack Cushion for Backrest
ML125-B06.15Reinforced Passenger Footrest
ML125-B06.13BLKFloorboard Mat - Black Rubber
ML125-B06.13Floorboard Mat (with Chrome Fe
ML125-B06.05Battery Compartment Lid
ML125-B06.03VIN Cover
ML125-B06.02Storage Compartment
ML125-B05.15Brake Hose, DOT
ML125-B06.01Front Panel
ML125-B05.13Front Disk Brake Pads (Set of
ML125-B05.14Special Bolt for Right Lever (
ML125-B05.12Right Lever - Front Brake
ML125-B05.08Front Brake Rotor - CMSI/DOT
ML125-B05.09Cross Head Bolt (Set of 3)
ML125-B05.07Front Brake Assy. - CMSI/DOT
ML125-B05.06Speedometer Pickup Assy.
ML125-B05.04Locknut, Front Axle
ML125-B05.05Middle Axle Bushing
ML125-B05.03Front Wheel Axle
ML125-B05.02Front Wheel Rim (3-Spoke) CMS
ML125-B04.13Lower Bearing Assy
ML125-B04.12Upper Bearing Assy
ML125-B04.07Upper Bearing Assy.
ML125-B04.04Steering Column Locknut M25 x
ML125-B04.03Right Front Shock Absorber Ass
ML125-B04.02Left Front Shock Absorber Assy
ML125-B04.01Steering Column
ML125-B03.11Left Lever - Rear Brake
ML125-B03.10Right Grip
ML125-B03.09Left Grip
ML125-B03.08Right Mirror Assy. w/turn sign
ML125-B03.07Left Mirror Assy. w/turn signa
ML125-B03.06Right Control Switch (4-WIRE)
ML125-B03.05Left Control Switch - DOT
ML125-B03.01Handlebar Assy.
ML125-B02.05Speedometer Cable Assy.
ML125-B02.07Clear Speedometer Cover
ML125-B02.02Speedometer Assy. - CMSI/DOT
ML125-B01.13Fasteners for Headlight Ring
ML125-B02.01Dashboard Cap
ML125-B01.10BHeadlight Bulb (12v/35/35w) 20
ML125-B01.11Bulb (12V/10W) Amber - Turn Si
ML125-B01.09Outer Ring of Head Lamp
ML125-B01.06Screw 4.2x14
ML125-B01.08Body Clip/Fastener
ML125-B01.04YLWFront Headlight/TurnSignalPane
ML125-B01.05Screw 4.8 x 16
ML125-B01.04CHRFront Headlight/Turn Signal Pa
ML125-B01.04PRLFront Headlight/TurnSignalPane
ML125-B01.03Right Front Turn Signal Assy
ML125-B01.02Left Front Turn Signal Assy
ML125-B01.01AFront Headlight Assy (2003) -
ML125-B01.01Front Headlight Assy (2004) -
LS49-E06.01Carburetor Assy.
LS49-ENGINELil Sport50cc Engine w/o Carb
LS49-E04.01AOil Pump Assy
LS49-DECAL-2Name Plate for L'S 49 QT-2
LS49-CBOX-YLWLil Sport Cargo Box - Yellow
LS49-DECALName Plate for L'S 49 (2004 Mo
LS49-CBOX-BLULil Sport Cargo Box - Blue
LS49-CBOX-REDLil Sport Cargo Box - Red
LS49-CBOX-BLKLil Sport Cargo Box - Black
LS49-B25.12Clamp Cushion
LS49-B25.13Bolt 8x40mm
LS49-B25.11Muffler Clamp
LS49-B25.07Bolt 8x30mm
LS49-B25.08Bolt 8x20mm
LS49-B25.06Muffler Bushing
LS49-B25.03Seal Washer
LS49-B25.05Muffler Fixing Plate
LS49-B25.01Muffler Assembly
LS49-B23.02Bolt M6 x 25
LS49-B24.01Tool Kit
LS49-B23.01Kick Starter Assy
LS49-B22.37Fuse for Alarm System
LS49-B22.38Red Tail Light Cover
LS49-B22.35Wiring Harness - Headlight
LS49-B22.36Rear Turn Signal Bulb 12v/3w
LS49-B22.34HHeadlight Bulb, Halogen, 12V/3
LS49-B22.33BLower Front Turn Signal Lens R
LS49-B22.34Headlight Bulb, Incandescent,
LS49-B22.33Front Turn Signal Cover - Righ
LS49-B22.33ALower Front Turn Signal Lens R
LS49-B22.32BLower Front Turn Signal Lens L
LS49-B22.32Front Turn Signal Cover - Left
LS49-B22.32ALower Front Turn Signal Lens L
LS49-B22.31Headlight Assy.
LS49-B22.30B2004 LS Taillight Wiring Harne
LS49-B22.30A2003 LS Taillight Wiring Harne
LS49-B22.28Rear Turn Signal Lens - RIGHT
LS49-B22.30Wiring Harness - Taillight
LS49-B22.27Rear Turn Signal Lens - LEFT
LS49-B22.26Rear Turn Signal & Tail Light
LS49-B22.22Starter Relay
LS49-B22.20Ground Wire
LS49-B22.19CDI Unit
LS49-B22.17Screw M6 x 16
LS49-B22.15Front Storage Lock
LS49-B22.14Fuel Tank Lock
LS49-B22.13Ignition Switch w/keys
LS49-B22.12Seat Lock
LS49-B22.114 Lock Set
LS49-B22.10C2006 Wiring Harness (w/o Alarm
LS49-B22.10B2004 Wiring Harness (w/ Alarm
LS49-B22.10A2003 Wiring Harness (w/ Alarm
LS49-B22.102002 Wiring Harness (w/o Alarm
LS49-B22.09Washer M6
LS49-B22.08Spring Washer M6
LS49-B22.06Ignition Coil
LS49-B22.03Light Control Switch
LS49-B21.08Speedometer Bulb 12V/3W
LS49-B21.06Washer for Speedometer
LS49-B21.03Speedometer Cable
LS49-B21.02Front Panel Wiring Harness
LS49-B21.01Speedometer Assy
LS49-B20.09Nut M6
LS49-B20.08License Plate Bracket
LS49-B20.04AMud Flap
LS49-B20.04Mud Flap
LS49-B20.01Rear Fender
LS49-B193RED3Rear LEFT Fender - Red (Sticke
LS49-B193GRN3Rear LEFT Fender - Green (Stic
LS49-B193BLU3Rear LEFT Fender - Blue (Stick
LS49-B19.13Washer 6
LS49-B19.08Tapping Screw 4x10
LS49-B19.07Fuel Tank Fixing Board
LS49-B19.06Self Tapping Screw 4.2 x 13
LS49-B19.05YLWGas Cap Cover - Yellow
LS49-B19.05REDGas Cap Cover - Red
LS49-B19.05GRNGas Cap Cover- Green
LS49-B19.05BLUEGas Cap Cover - Blue
LS49-B19.04YLW3Rear RIGHT Fender - Yellow (St
LS49-B19.04YLWRear RIGHT Fender - Yellow (Ch
LS49-B19.04RED3Rear RIGHT Fender - Red (Stick
LS49-B19.04REDRear Right Fender - Red (Chrom
LS49-B19.04GRN3Rear RIGHT Fender - Green (Sti
LS49-B19.04BLU3Rear RIGHT Fender - Blue (Stic
LS49-B19.04BLURear RIGHT Fender - Blue (Chro
LS49-B19.03YLWRear LEFT Fender - Yellow (Chr
LS49-B19.03REDRear LEFT Fender - Red (Chrome
LB150-B19.04Nut M8
LB150-B19.03Heat Shield
LB150-B19.02Bolt M6×10
LB150-B19.01Bolt M8×36
LB150-B15.12Seat Lock Latch
LB150-B15.09Seat Lock Cable
LB150-B15.08Lock Set of 3
LB150-B14.21Bolt M10×25
LB150-B14.19Bolt M10×50
LB150-B14.17Nut M10
LB150-B14.16Bolt M8×183
LB150-B14.15Bush, Main Stay
LB150-B14.14Bolt M10×25
LB150-B14.13Spring, Main Stand
LB150-B14.12Spring, Side Stand
LB150-B14.11Passenger Handle, Left
LB150-B14.10Passenger Handle, Right
LB150-B14.08Passenger Foot Peg, Left
LB150-B14.09Passenger Foot Peg, Right
LB150-B14.07Horn Bracket
LB150-B14.06Center Stand
LB150-B14.04Tail Stay
LB150-B14.05Side Stand
LB150-B14.03Stay, Pedal
LB150-B14.02Engine Hanger Assy.
LB150-B13.05Rear Shock Absorber, Right
LB150-B13.04Rear Shock Absorber, Left
LB150-B12.14Rear Brake Cam Arm
LB150-B12.12Bolt M6x30
LB150-B12.13Spring, Rear Brake
LB150-B12.11Rocker, Rear Brake
LB150-B12.06Tire, 3.5 x 10 - DOT
LB150-B12.05Rear Wheel Rim, 10" - DOT
LB150-B12.05ARear Wheel Rim, 13" - DOT
LB150-B12.04Nut M12
LB150-B11.26Front Brake Assy.
LB150-B11.25Front Brake Light Switch
LB150-B11.24Speedometer Pickup
LB150-B11.23Front Brake Pads (set of 2)
LB150-B11.16ABrake Disc (10" Wheel)
LB150-B11.18Right Brake Lever
LB150-B11.16Brake Disc (13" Wheel)
LB150-B11.15Axle, Front Wheel, M12×245 (10
LB150-B11.14Bushing - Front Wheel Shaft
LB150-B11.13Socket Head Bolt M6X25
LB150-B11.09Front Wheel Rim, 10" - DOT
LB150-B11.09AFront Wheel Rim, 13" - DOT
LB150-B11.08Tire, 130/60-13 - DOT
LB150-B11.07Bearing 6201-2LS
LB150-B11.05Bearing 6201-2LS
LB150-B11.06Bush, Front Wheel Shaft
LB150-B11.01Nut M12
LB150-B10.31Steering Tube Bearing Set
LB150-B10.23Cover, Right Fork
LB150-B10.21Cover, Right Rocker
LB150-B10.22Cover, Left Fork
LB150-B10.20Brake Rocker
LB150-B10.19Front Suspension Rockerk Assy
LB150-B10.11Front Suspension Ricker Assy L
LB150-B10.10Cover, Left Rocker
LB150-B10.09Front Fork
LB150-B10.08Front Fork Assembly
LB150-B10.06Nut M8
LB150-B10.04Nut M8
LB150-B10.03Front Absorber
LB150-B10.02Bolt M8x35
LB150-B10.01Front Absorber
LB150-B09.26Rear Brake Light Switch Comp.
LB150-B09.22Lower Seat, Direction Bar
LB150-B09.20Brake Lever, Left
LB150-B09.16Block Ring, Left Switch
LB150-B09.15Left Handlebar Grip
LB150-B09.14ALeft Mirror
LB150-B09.14Left Mirror
LB150-B09.13Upper Seat, Direction Bar
LB150-B09.12Bolt M8 x 35
LB150-B09.11Right Handlebar Grip
LB150-B09.10ARight Mirror
LB150-B09.08Base, Direction Bar
LB150-B09.04Rear Brake Cable Assy.
LB150-B09.03Nut M5x10
LB150-B09.02Throttle Cable
LB150-B09.01Speedometer Cable
LB150-B08.13Fuel Level Sensor Unit
LB150-B08.09Fuel Tank (w/o Evap. Fitting)
LB150-B08.09AFuel Tank with Evap. Fitting
LB150-B08.08Fuel Pump
LB150-B08.04Cover Comp., Fuel Tank
LB150-B08.06Fuel Pipe Hoop
LB150-B08.03Fuel Pipe, Tank
LB150-B08.01Fuel Pipe, Filter
LB150-B07.13Battery Box Lid
LB150-B07.12Battery Box
LB150-B07.11Seat Box
LB150-B07.10Rear Cover, Seat Box
LB150-B07.09Bolt Clip ST4.2
LB150-B07.07Bottom Cover, Goods Case
LB150-B07.04Seat Assy.
LB150-B07.03Linker, Cushion
LB150-B06.28Battery Charger w/ Alligator C
LB150-B07.01Nut M6
LB150-B06.26Regulator Rectifier
LB150-B06.24Hex Nut M6
LB150-B06.25Washer 6
LB150-B06.19Starter Relay Assy.
LB150-B06.13CDI Unit
LB150-B06.09Overcurrent Protector
LB150-B06.10Main Wire Harness
LB150-B06.08Choke Controller
LB150-B06.01Ignition Coil
LB150-B06.07Flasher Assy.
LB150-B05.11Right Control Switch
LB150-B05.10Left Control Switch
LB150-B04.16Belly Pan
LB150-B04.15Metal Floorboard Strips (set o
LB150-B04.12Floorboard Light, Right
LB150-B04.13Floorboard Light, Left
LB150-B04.09Bracket Plate
LS49-B03.04BLKFront Wheel - Black
LS49-B03.03Oil Seal
LS49-B03.02YLWSpeedometer Gear Drive - Yello
LS49-B03.02REDSpeedometer Gear Drive - Red
LS49-B03.02BLUSpeedometer Gear Drive - Blue
LS49-B03.02BLKSpeedometer Gear Drive - Black
LS49-B03.01Front Wheel Axle
LS49-B02.22Upper Ball Bearings (Set of 27
LS49-B02.21Lower Bearing (ring w/ball bea
LS49-B02.12Steering Stem w/ Fork Brace
LS49-B02.11Right Fork Internal Assy
LS49-B02.10Left Fork Internal Assy
LS49-B02.09Cushion Block
LS49-B02.08Shock Absorber Spring
LS49-B02.07Front Fork Assy.
LS49-B02.06Steering Stem Nut
LS49-B02.05Lock Washer
LS49-B02.04Lower Bearing Bottom Race
LS49-B02.03Lower Bearing Top Race
LS49-B02.02Upper Bearing Bottom Race
LS49-B02.01Upper Bearing Top Race
LS49-B01.29Right Front Turn Signal Assy (
LS49-B01.28Left Front Turn Signal Assy (2
LS49-B01.27Bracket for Front Turn Signal
LS49-B01.26Bracket for Front Turn Signal
LS49-B01.22BLKRight Mirror - Black
LS49-B01.22ARight Mirror, Black
LS49-B01.21BLKMirror Set (Left & Right), Bla
LS49-B01.21AMirror SET, Black (reverse thr
LS49-B01.19AThrottle Cable - New Style
LS49-B01.19Throttle Cable (45" length)
LS49-B01.12Handle Cover Bracket
LS49-B01.10ARight Control Switch ( Reverse
LS49-B01.10Right Control Switch
LS49-B01.06Left Brake Lever (rear Brake)
LS49-B01.03Left Control Switch
LS49-B01.02BLKHand Grip - Right Black
LS49-B01.01BLKHand Grip - Left Black
LB150-RACKLuggage Rack with Backrest Pad
LB150-ENGINELowBoy 150cc Engine w/Carb and
LB150-E07.02Stator and Flywheel Assy
LB150-E02.18Hi Temp Hose, Secondary Air
LB150-E02.13Secondary Air System
LB150-DECALLow Boy Decal (Set of 2)
LB150-B21.01Tool Kit
LB150-B20.28Air Cleaner Comp.
LB150-B20.02Air Filter Element
LB150-B19.05Muffler w/Catalytic coating &
LS49-B19.03BLURear LEFT Fender - Blue (Chrom
LS49-B19.02Front Left Cover
LS49-B18.14VIN Cover
LS49-B19.01Front Right Cover
LS49-B18.13Screw M6 x 16
LS49-B18.12Inner Leg Sheild
LS49-B18.11Front Luggage Box
LS49-B18.09Washer 5
LS49-B18.08Front Valance
LS49-B18.04Screw w/Washer M6x16
LS49-B18.03Cover Plate for ATS
LS49-B18.01Belly Pan
LS49-B17.10Front Cover
LS49-B17.09Fixing Seat
LS49-B17.05Front Storage Box
LS49-B17.02YLWFront Storage Door - Yellow
LS49-B17.02REDFront Storage Door - Red
LS49-B17.02GRNFront Storage Door - Green
LS49-B17.02BLUFront Storage Door - Blue
LS49-B17.01Front Storage Frame
LS49-B16.03Screw M5 x 16
LS49-B16.04Handlebar Cover Rear
LS49-B16.02Washer 5mm
LS49-B16.01YLWHandlebar Cover Front - Yellow
LS49-B16.01REDHandlebar Cover Front - Red
LS49-B16.01GRNHandlebar Cover Front - Green
LS49-B15.08Spring Washer 6L
LS49-B16.01BLUHandlebar Cover Front - Blue
LS49-B15.06Front Fender Trim - Right
LS49-B15.04Front Fender Trim - Left
LS49-B15.05Rubber Washer Gasket
LS49-B15.03Screw M6 x 16
LS49-B15.02Washer 6 x 18 Blk
LS49-B15.01YLWFront Fender - Yellow
LS49-B15.01REDFront Fender - Red
LS49-B15.01GRNFront Fender - Green
LS49-B15.01BLUFront Fender - Blue
LS49-B14.05Oil Hose
LS49-B14.04Oil Tank
LS49-B14.03Oil Level Sending Unit
LS49-B14.01Oil Tank Cap
LS49-B13.10Bolt M10 x 40
LS49-B13.09Bolt M8 x 30
LS49-B13.08Lower Bracket
LS49-B13.06Rubber Cushion
LS49-B03.11Tube for Front & Rear Tire
LS49-B03.09Nut M10 x 1.25
LS49-B03.08Front and Rear Tire 3.5 x 10
LS49-B03.07Roller Bearing
LS49-B03.06Bearing Spacer
LS49-B03.05Bushing Ring
LS49-B03.04YLWFront Wheel - Gold
LS49-B03.04WHTFront Wheel - White
LS49-B03.04REDFront Wheel - Red
LS49-B03.04BLUFront Wheel - Blue

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