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2J2-11101-00-00 CYLINDER HEAD ASY
2J2-11110-00-00 2J2-11101-00-00
2J2-11181-00-00 2J2-11181-09-00
2J2-11181-09-00 GASKET, CYL HEAD 1
2J2-11186-00-00 COVER,CYL.HEAD 2
2J2-11197-00-00 PLUG,BLIND
2J2-11310-00-00 CYLINDER
2J2-11631-00-96 PISTON STD
2J2-11633-01-00 PIN,PISTON
2J2-11635-00-00 PISTON 1 O/S 0.25
2J2-11636-00-00 PISTON 2 O/S 0.50
2J2-11637-00-00 PISTON 3 O/S 0.75
2J2-11638-00-00 PISTON 4 O/S 1.00
2J2-12111-00-00 2J2-12111-01-00
2J2-12111-01-00 VALVE,INTAKE#1
2J2-12212-00-00 583-12212-00-00
2J2-13447-00-00 COVER,OIL ELEMENT
2J2-13465-00-00 HOSE,OIL 2
2J2-14101-00-00 CARBURETOR ASY 1
2J2-14121-00-00 SCREW,THRTL STOP
2J2-14133-00-00 8X0-14500-00-00
2J2-14181-10-00 99999-01150-00
2J2-14194-00-00 RING
2J2-14196-00-00 PIPE,OVERFLOW
2J2-14197-00-00 1E6-14197-00-00
2J2-14401-00-00 AIR CLNR CASE ASY
2J2-14422-00-00 CAP,CLEANER CASE 2
2J2-14451-00-00 ELEMENT,AIR CLNR
2J2-14463-00-00 JOINT,AIR CLNR 2
2J2-14468-00-00 PLATE,ELEMENT FTNG
2J2-14573-00-00 BRACKET
2J2-14589-00-00 SPRING
2J2-14611-00-00 2J2-14611-01-00
2J2-14611-01-00 99999-03104-00
2J2-14701-00-00 2J2-14701-01-00
2J2-14701-01-00 2J2-14711-80-00
2J2-14701-02-00 2J2-14711-80-00
2J2-14711-00-00 2J2-14701-00-00
2J2-14711-80-00 MUFFLER L
2J2-14714-00-00 3GW-14714-00-00
2J2-14737-00-00 2J2-14737-01-00
2J2-14737-01-00 DAMPER,MUFFLER
2J2-14771-00-00 2J2-14771-01-00
2J2-14771-01-00 2J2-14771-02-00
2J2-14771-02-00 STAY,MUFFLER 1
2J2-14788-00-00 2J2-14788-01-00
2J2-14788-01-00 BAND, SILENCER
2J2-14791-00-00 STAY,MUFFLER
2J2-14933-00-00 SPRING,DIAPHRAGM
2J2-14940-00-00 DIAPHRAGM ASY
2J2-14962-00-00 WASHER
2J2-14992-00-00 ROD
2J2-15411-00-00 COVER,CRANKCASE L
2J2-15421-00-00 3GW-15421-00-00
2J2-15431-00-00 2J2-15431-01-00
2J2-15431-01-00 2J2-W1542-00-00
2J2-15610-02-00 1JN-15610-00-00
2J2-15611-01-93 2J2-15611-02-93
2J2-15611-02-93 2J2-15610-02-00
2J2-15620-00-00 2J2-15610-02-00
2J2-16150-00-00 PRI DRVN GEAR
2J2-18103-00-00 SHAFT,SHIFT
2J2-18111-00-93 2J2-18111-01-00
2J2-18111-01-00 PEDAL,SHIFT
2J2-18141-00-00 2J2-W1814-00-00
2J2-18540-00-00 SHIFT CAM ASY
2J2-18541-00-00 2J2-18540-00-00
2J2-21149-00-00 2J2-21149-01-00
2J2-21149-01-00 BRACKET,BATT BOX
2J2-21165-00-00 HANDLE,STANDING
2J2-21170-00-00 BOX,BATT.
2J2-2117F-00-00 COVER
2J2-21240-00-00 2J2-21240-01-00
2J2-21240-01-00 BOX,TOOL
2J2-21308-00-00 2J2-21308-01-00
2J2-21308-01-00 3E1-21308-00-00
2J2-21315-00-33 STAY,ENGINE 2
2J2-21316-00-33 STAY,ENGINE 3
2J2-21317-00-00 2J2-21317-01-00
2J2-21317-01-00 STAY,ENGINE 4
2J2-21318-00-00 2J2-21318-01-00
2J2-21318-01-00 STAY,ENGINE 5
2J2-2144G-00-00 STAY,STOP SWITCH
2J2-21459-00-00 2J2-21459-01-00
2J2-21459-01-00 SPACER
2J2-21471-00-00 2J2-21471-01-00
2J2-21471-01-00 3X4-21471-00-90
2J2-21510-00-33 FENDER,FRONT
2J2-21510-00-6G 2J2-21510-00-33
2J2-21510-00-93 FENDER,FRONT
2J2-21610-00-93 FENDER,REAR
2J2-21629-00-00 2J2-21629-01-00
2J2-21629-01-00 GUARD,MUD
2J2-21708-00-00 4R8-21708-00-00
2J2-21711-00-H8 2J2-21711-01-H8
2J2-21711-01-33 COVER,SIDE 1
2J2-21711-01-6M COVER,SIDE 1
2J2-21711-01-7J COVER,SIDE 1
2J2-21711-01-E1 COVER,SIDE 1
2J2-21711-01-H8 COVER,SIDE 1
2J2-21711-01-H9 2J2-21711-01-33
2J2-21721-00-H8 2J2-21721-01-H8
2J2-21721-01-33 COVER, SIDE 2
2J2-21721-01-6M COVER,SIDE 2
2J2-21721-01-7J COVER,SIDE 2
2J2-21721-01-E1 COVER,SIDE 2
2J2-21721-01-H8 COVER,SIDE 2
2J2-21721-01-H9 2J2-21721-01-33
2J2-21729-00-00 CLAMP,DAMPER
2J2-2176E-00-00 PLATE
2J2-21771-01-00 2J2-21771-02-00
2J2-21771-02-00 BODY,CAP
2J2-2177F-00-00 2J2-2117F-00-00
2J2-21794-00-00 HOLDER,KNOB
2J2-22110-00-33 2J2-22110-01-33
2J2-22110-02-33 2J2-22110-03-33
2J2-22110-03-33 REAR ARM
2J2-22141-00-00 2J2-22141-03-00
2J2-22141-03-00 33Y-22141-01-00
2J2-22177-00-00 2J2-22177-01-00
2J2-22177-01-00 BAR,COMPRESSION
2J2-22184-00-00 BUSH
2J2-22210-00-00 2J2-22210-02-00
2J2-22210-02-00 2J2-22210-03-00
2J2-22210-03-00 2J2-22210-04-00
2J2-22210-04-00 33Y-22210-00-00
2J2-22212-00-00 2J2-22212-02-00
2J2-22212-02-00 SPRING
2J2-22311-00-93 2J2-22311-01-93
2J2-22311-01-00 CASE, CHAIN
2J2-22311-01-93 2J2-22311-01-00
2J2-23101-00-00 2J2-23101-01-00
2J2-23101-01-00 FRONT FORK ASY
2J2-23121-00-93 2J2-23121-02-33
2J2-23121-02-33 COVER,UPPER 1
2J2-23131-00-93 COVER,UPPER 2
2J2-23131-01-93 COVER,UPPER 2
2J2-23141-00-00 SPRING,FRONT FORK
2J2-23174-00-93 STAY,HEADLIGHT
2J2-23174-01-93 STAY,HEADLIGHT
2J2-23340-00-33 2J4-23340-30-33
2J2-23435-00-98 CROWN,HANDLE
2J2-24110-00-02 2J2-24110-01-02
2J2-24110-01-01 2J2-24110-01-07
2J2-24110-01-02 FUEL TANK
2J2-24110-01-07 FUEL TANK
2J2-24110-01-08 FUEL TANK
2J2-24110-01-09 FUEL TANK
2J2-24110-01-W5 FUEL TANK
2J2-24110-01-X6 FUEL TANK
2J2-24161-10-00 2F3-24161-20-00
2J2-24181-00-00 DAMPER,LOCATING 1
2J2-24183-00-00 2J2-24183-01-00
2J2-24183-01-00 DAMPER,LOCATING 3
2J2-24189-00-00 2J2-24189-01-00
2J2-24189-01-00 3EB-24189-00-00
2J2-24423-00-00 3H6-14933-00-00
2J2-24500-00-00 2J2-24500-01-00
2J2-24500-01-00 FUEL COCK ASSY 1
2J2-24602-01-00 2M0-24602-00-00
2J2-24723-00-00 DAMPER,SEAT
2J2-24724-00-00 2J2-24724-01-00
2J2-24724-01-00 DAMPER,SEAT
2J2-24730-90-00 2J2-24730-91-00
2J2-24730-91-00 2J2-W2472-01-00
2J2-24731-00-00 COVER,DOUBLE SEAT
2J2-24737-00-00 DAMPER,SEAT
2J2-24756-00-6G COVER, TAIL
2J2-24756-00-6M 2J2-24756-00-JX
2J2-24756-00-7J COVER,TAIL
2J2-24756-00-E1 COVER,TAIL
2J2-24756-00-H9 2J2-24756-00-6G
2J2-24756-00-JX COVER, TAIL
2J2-24757-10-00 GRAPHIC,TAIL COVER
2J2-24786-00-00 2F3-24786-00-00
2J2-25364-00-00 DAMPER
2J2-25388-00-00 PULLER,CHAIN 1
2J2-25389-00-00 48U-25388-00-00
2J2-25442-01-00 2J2-25444-10-00
2J2-25444-10-00 SPROCKET,DRIVN 44T
2J2-25810-50-00 2J2-25810-51-00
2J2-25810-51-00 CALIPER ASY
2J2-25855-50-00 BUSH,DIAPHRAGM
2J2-25872-01-00 HOSE,BRAKE 1
2J2-25873-00-00 HOSE,BRAKE 2
2J2-25874-00-00 HOSE,BRAKE
2J2-25885-00-00 2J2-25885-01-00
2J2-25885-01-00 JOINT
2J2-26240-00-00 GRIP ASY RH
2J2-26311-00-00 2J2-26311-01-00
2J2-26311-01-00 2J2-26311-10-00
2J2-26311-10-00 CABLE,THROTTLE 1
2J2-26312-00-00 2J2-26312-01-00
2J2-26312-01-00 2J2-26312-10-00
2J2-26312-10-00 CABLE,THROTTLE 2
2J2-26331-00-00 2J2-26331-01-00
2J2-26331-01-00 CABLE,STARTER 1
2J2-26335-00-00 2J2-26335-01-00
2J2-26335-01-00 CABLE,CLUTCH
2J2-27111-00-00 STAND,MAIN
2J2-27211-00-93 2J2-27211-01-93
2J2-27211-01-00 PEDAL,BRAKE
2J2-27211-01-93 2J2-27211-01-00
2J2-27212-00-00 2J2-27212-01-00
2J2-27311-00-00 2J2-27311-01-00
2J2-27311-01-00 1JN-27311-00-00
2J2-27311-10-00 1JN-27311-00-00
2J2-27410-00-00 2J2-27410-01-00
2J2-27410-01-00 48U-27410-00-33
2J2-27414-00-00 2J2-27414-01-00
2J2-27414-01-00 DAMPER,FOOTREST
2J2-27416-00-00 2J2-27416-01-00
2J2-27416-01-00 BOLT,FOOTREST
2J2-27420-00-00 2J2-27420-02-00
2J2-27420-01-00 2J2-27420-02-00
2J2-27420-02-00 48U-27420-00-33
2J2-27430-02-00 RR FOOTREST ASY 1
2J2-27440-01-00 RR FOOTREST ASY 2
2J2-28100-00-00 1JN-W2810-00-00
2J2-28100-10-00 2J2-28100-00-00
2J2-81400-50-00 4R8-81400-50-00
2J2-81416-50-00 COIL,PULSER
2J2-81960-60-00 2J2-81960-A0-00
2J2-81960-A0-00 2J2-81960-A1-00
2J2-82115-00-00 2J2-82115-01-00
2J2-82115-01-00 1M1-82115-00-00
2J2-82116-00-00 WIRE,MINUS LEAD
2J2-82150-00-00 2J2-82150-10-00
2J2-82150-10-00 FUSE HOLDER ASY
2J2-82310-50-00 2J2-82310-51-00
2J2-82310-51-00 IGNITION COIL ASY
2J2-82310-K0-00 2J2-82310-50-00
2J2-82501-00-00 1JK-82501-81-00
2J2-82508-00-00 2J2-82501-00-00
2J2-82530-00-00 2J2-82530-01-00
2J2-82530-01-00 2J2-82530-02-00
2J2-82530-02-00 2J2-82530-03-00
2J2-82530-03-00 STOP SWITCH ASSY
2J2-82589-00-00 2J2-82589-01-00
2J2-82589-01-00 PROTC,WIRE HARNESS
2J2-82590-60-00 2J2-82590-61-00
2J2-82590-61-00 WIRE HARNESS ASY
2J2-83371-00-00 4V8-83371-20-00
2J2-83508-00-00 COVER,TACHOMETER
2J2-83519-00-00 BRACKET,METER
2J2-83540-00-00 2J3-83540-F1-00
2J2-83541-00-00 1JK-83541-00-00
2J2-83556-00-00 SENDER
2J2-83560-00-00 2J2-83560-01-00
2J2-83922-00-00 4L0-83922-00-00
2J2-83973-60-98 2J2-83976-00-98
2J2-83975-60-98 2J2-83973-60-98
2J2-83976-00-98 SWITCH,HANDLE 1
2J2-84130-00-93 2J2-84330-60-93
2J2-84303-00-00 2J2-84310-60-00
2J2-84310-60-00 HEADLIGHT UNIT ASY
2J2-84318-00-00 STAY,HEADLIGHT 1
2J2-84330-60-93 1JK-84330-00-93
2J2-84710-60-00 1W9-84710-60-00
2J2-84711-60-00 1W9-84710-60-00
2J2-84717-00-00 3Y1-84517-00-00
2J2-84751-00-93 BRACKET,LICENSE
2J2-84753-00-00 DAMPER
2J2-85540-50-00 CDI UNIT ASY
2J2-W0046-00-00 2J2-W0046-01-00
2J2-W0046-01-00 BRAKE PAD KIT,REAR
2J2-W1542-00-00 COVER,CRANKCASE 3
2J2-W1814-00-00 PLATE, STOPPER
2J2-W2472-01-00 DOUBLE SEAT ASY
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