REBEL 2-1/2” DRAG PIPES (Hooker Headers)

Specific applications for highly modified motors with bigger primaries and larger steps
Comes with muffler cartridge that delivers a deep rumble sought after by most enthusiasts. 2 optional muffler cartridges are also available offering either a smooth mellow sound or loud sound with improved flow
Everything is provided; exhaust gaskets, c-clips, chromed flanges, machined brackets, nuts, bolts and detailed instructions
Increased performance over a broad RPM range (most other brands of 2-1/2” lose low and midrange performance)
Stepped, internal head pipe design incorporates 38 years of race header technology allowing top-end horsepower without sacrificing low-end torque
Metallic ceramic coating on internal head pipes retain heat, increasing exhaust velocity for more horsepower
2-1/2” outer pipe for the “Big Tube” look with no visible blueing DARKSIDES™

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